Starting at 165.00

The right tactic will help you win every single battle. There is nothing that can be compared to the challenges people have to deal with at work every day.  The functional and ergonomically contoured Taktik chair will help you to deal with all difficulties you can encounter in your office or at home. The advanced mechanism allows for adjusting the chair to individual preferences of its users.

  • Swivel chair with different configurations as follows:
    • Upholstered back 
    • Mesh back




Fixed Armrests – No adjustment

  • GTP46black polypropylene (PP) Armrest pads black polypropylene (PP)

Height adjustable Armrests – height adjustment 80 mm

  • R19Tblack glass fiber reinforced polyamide (PA + GF) Armrest pads black polypropylene (PP)

3D Armrests –height adjustment 80 mm, side movement of the armrests ±40 mm, forward/backward movement of the pad 60 mm

  • R32Rmetal element steel chromium plated, black glass fiber reinforced polyamide (PA + GF) Armrest pads black polyurethane (PU)