Since 1947 Invicta provided its clients with products of excellent quality and good service, 70 years on and Invicta still ensures that its clientele gets the best products and service they deserve.

“NAVIGO” means high comfort encapsulated in an appealing design by Oscar Buffon. The most interesting aspects of the chair are its different backrest versions – an upholstered back in the same colour as the seat and backrest, or with a plastic cover that resembles a jalousie, through which the upholstery is visible, giving an intriguing effect. The colour visible on the back of the chair has a huge impact on the whole interior’s look and shapes the character of a particular space.

The Navigo chair can be fitted with three different mechanisms which allow for multi-step adjustment. When sitting on the chair, users can adjust its settings to their individual needs, which is particularly useful for shift work or hot desking.

The mechanisms available for the Navigo chair ensure so-called “dynamic sitting,” while every change of body position helps users release tensed muscles and unload pressure from their spine.

XENIUM–duo back®, the secret of optimal balance between seating and moving, is the office chair that offers long-time outstanding comfort. Due to the split back rest that moves flexibly in all directions, this patented principle has set ergonomic standards for years.

XENIUM–duo back® offers significant relief for all people who are working seated day after day. The combination of ergonomics and wellness allows for motivated and efficient work. Due to the back rest wings that move separately and independently from each other the seated position is fully supported. Your body remains flexible and movable and unhealthy pressure is avoided. According to proved information the duo back releases the pressure of the back column up to 50% more than standard backrests.

This principle prevents back damages and it is even a help with existing back problems approved by orthopaedists.

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A well designed office, gives a better performance and productivity. Visit us at our showroom in Msida, to view and discuss the best furniture options for your office, we will guide you through the various options of furniture to fit your needs. Our office furniture range, varies from low budget good quality office furniture to high end executive office furniture, including gaming work stations with partitioning and adjustable height motorized desks.

Workstations setup for large office areas.

Our versatile office furniture range can be set up for large areas, the different models of dividing panels will make sure every person is working in his own private space. Privacy panels can be either mounted only over the desks or for full privacy from floor. Such setups are used for many types of offices, like call centres, gaming companies and other similar group work companies.