Since 1947 Invicta provided its clients with products of excellent quality and good service, 70 years on and Invicta still ensures that its clientele gets the best products and service they deserve.


Covid crisis have impacted all areas of our life but offices are becoming accessible again.
We can’t predict all scenarios of the future, however we can make some preparations.
Important thing is to make all employees feel safe and comfortable while working in offices again.

That’s why we created solutions with hygienic features that will help to make your office a safe space for everyone.
Find out how those solutions ensure safety:

  • help to keep safe social distance;
  • are easily washable;
  • are easily and quickly mounted, without specialized tools;
  • have bactericidal properities;
  • do not significantly affect the existing colour concept of the office.

Plexi cover for desk and workbenches panels that provide ideal protection reducing the risk of spreading bacteria and viruses. The product does not limit visibility and fits into any interior. Installation without tools, ready to use immediately after unpacking and removing the protective film.
Two types of materials available: transparent acrylic extruded from 2 mm PMMA plexiglass and 2 mm polyester sheet PETG. UV resistant, transparent and durable. The product is protected on both sides with easy-to-remove foil. Safe rounded corners. It can be easily recycled.
We recommend cleaning with warm soapy water and a soft microfiber cloth. Preventively, to avoid attracting dust, we recommend using antistatic agents designed for plastics. Avoid sponges, rough cloths and alcohol-based liquids and glass cleaners that can damage the surface. Additionally PETG material can be disinfected using alcohol or solvent based cleaning agents.
Panel stays clean and safe, its colour is visible, office design remains the same.

Wide range of school furniture

With a long history of supplying schools in Malta with high quality and robust school furniture, we still provide such services and products to our clients. From kinder furniture to tertiary and over, we provide a very wide range of school furniture and other products to meet most of our clients’ requests. From student chairs, tables, teacher’s desk to much bigger furniture like library shelving, tablet and laptop charger units.

For any requests, even though not shown on our website, kindly send us an e-mail on

Metal Furniture

We provide a good selection of metal furniture which includes office lockable door cabinets, hanging file drawer cabinets, sliding glass or metal door cabinets and more. In our selection one can also find different models and configurations of metal lockers for gyms, schools, factories, workshops and any other need. We can cater for small projects, even single units or large projects like hotels, gyms, schools or factories.

For more information and enquiries, send us an e-mail on

XENIUM–duo back®, the secret of optimal balance between seating and moving, is the office chair that offers long-time outstanding comfort. Due to the split back rest that moves flexibly in all directions, this patented principle has set ergonomic standards for years.

XENIUM–duo back® offers significant relief for all people who are working seated day after day. The combination of ergonomics and wellness allows for motivated and efficient work. Due to the back rest wings that move separately and independently from each other the seated position is fully supported. Your body remains flexible and movable and unhealthy pressure is avoided. According to proved information the duo back releases the pressure of the back column up to 50% more than standard backrests.

This principle prevents back damages and it is even a help with existing back problems approved by orthopaedists.

Workstations setup for large office areas.

Our versatile office furniture range can be set up for large areas, the different models of dividing panels will make sure every person is working in his own private space. Privacy panels can be either mounted only over the desks or for full privacy from floor. Such setups are used for many types of offices, like call centres, gaming companies and other similar group work companies.