Starting at 344.00

Souly was brought to life with a great dose of eco-awareness. In this product we managed to combine utmost wanted features. Souly is a perfect match for all working spaces where creativity speaks first.

  • Design-oriented look combined with pure comfort. Plenty of finishes in range of colours and types. Extra comfort due to pocket springs in the seat (option). Intuitive, ergonomic mechanisms. Dedicated “in house” design of base and lumbar support. Headrest adjustable in three dimensions.
  • Mesh MV on the backrest made in 80% of post-consumer polyester. Seat cushion got used or damaged? Order a new seat, not a  whole chair. Headrest and lumbar support to be added or removed at anytime. Elements easily separable for segregation and disposal. Compact packaging to be shipped by courier, with reduced amount of plastic.

Swivel chairs with different configurations as follows:

  • Upholstered back 
  • Mesh back