eRange storage units

Starting at 2,833.00

Modular storage units

  •  hinged door (external and internal modules)
  • glass door (internal module).

Hinged door – free-standing and external modules have door corners both-sides or one-side rounded at 50 mm radius, depending
on selected version. In internal modules door corners are not rounded. Cabinets are equipped with push-to-open system, locks available as an option.

Glass door – available as internal modules only, door corners are not rounded. Doors made of lacquered hardened glass, thickness 6 mm, equipped with push-to-open system, without locks.

Cabinets are not equipped with top as standard, tops for free-standing cabinets as well as modular cabinets arrangements to be ordered
separately.  Arrangement of cabinets must be of the same height and external hinged door cabinets are to be put as last in configuration.

Cabinet base, angled at 45˚ – made of lacquered medium density fibreboard, thickness 19 mm.

Base height 38 mm, equipped with levelling glides.

Combination and modules

Combination and modules

Modules are found in the following dimensions.

Hinged doors:

External module (rounded corner)

  • 400mm (W) x 778mm (H)
  • 400mm (W) x 1140mm (H)
  • 800mm (W) x 778mm (H)
  • 800mm (W) x 1140mm (H)

Internal module

  • 800mm (W) x 778mm (H)
  • 800mm (W) x 1140mm (H)

Glass doors:

Internal module (only)

  • 800mm (W) x 778mm (H)
  • 800mm (W) x 1140mm (H)