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Scandinavian landscape, culture and the lifestyle of local people inspire us to design solutions that focus on minimalism, simplicity and living in harmony with nature. This is how we created Bjarg, which means ‘rock’ in Icelandic.

You need good support for your head and neck. The rounded shape of the headrest available only in high version of the backrest with a 90 mm adjustment range, will provide you with the best comfort. All of its three versions: high, medium and low, each with a 70 mm height adjustment range, will follow your back. The optimal height and depth of the seat, as well as backrest height and inclination are provided by advanced and easy-to-use mechanisms.

  • Swivel chairs with different configurations as follows:
    • Upholstered back low
    • Upholstered back medium
    • Upholstered back high