Starting at 346.00

Modern chairs with an interesting and eye-catching design, perfectly matching the Scandinavian style. Ergonomic, functional, and therefore comfortable in use. It has all the features that ensure optimal adaptation to the individual needs of the user. A slim and elegant shape and a wide range of ergonomic features make Viden and Viden Pro chairs the optimal solution for offices that are arranged in a modern and comfortable way.

Specially contoured backrest, which tapers upwards, allows free sideways movements while maintaining stable support of the spine. The backrest adjusts to the back, providing proper back support in the lumbar region. Ability to choose a low or high backrest: height of the backrest adjustable in the range of 70 mm (13 positions). The backrest follow the user’s back, providing adequate support.

  • Swivel chairs with different configurations as follows:
    • Upholstered back low
    • Upholstered back high
    • Pro version