eRange Conference table modular

Starting at 5,138.00

eRange is an exclusive furniture system enclosed in an unusual, full-featured form. Exceptional design, attention to detail, and best quality materials make the eRange unique.  Conference table also comes in a modular version for large conference rooms.

The modular version can be ordered in infinite length, this will consist of external modules and internal module. The starting size for this version will start from 2400mm x 1400mm, with increments of 1200mm to the 2400mm.

External modules have one side with sharp corners for continuation and the other two corners will be rounded as a table end
Internal modules will have all four corners sharp for continuation.



Size options

Size options

Starting from 2400  x  1400 mm

Adding an internal module in the middle will increase the size of the table by 1200mm per module

ex. 3600 x 1400mm,  4800 x 1400mm, 6000 x 1400mm, etc etc

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