E-MODEL Mini Desks

Starting at 480.00

Fixed table tops – made of melamine faced chipboard (MFC), thickness 18 mm with 2 mm edge in glue technology as standard. Available shape: rectangular or rounded on both sides at 50 mm radius. Grommets, miniBatt FR80 wireless charger are an integral part of product and don’t need to be ordered separately – available as an option.

Frame one-column with electric height adjustment – single three-segment angular columns made of steel profile – dimensions: 70 × 70 mm, 65 × 65 mm, 60 × 60 mm, from bottom to top respectively. Column is equipped with a drive connected with control box.

Anti-Collision function – (overload with gyro sensor) while moving part of the desk hits an obstacle, function detects table top tilt, then table top stops and reverses to safe position. Function available as standard.

Finish options – powder coated in (chart further down)


Sizes of desks

Sizes of desks

eModel 2.0 Mini desk with rectangular table top

  • 900mm x 550mm
  • 1150mm x 550mm

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