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CS5040 High Meeting Tables

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Table tops for all types

  • Melamine faced chipboard (MFC), thickness 25 mm, with 2 mm edge in glue technology as standard, or laser edge as an option.
  • Fenix NTM – upper part of chipboard covered with Fenix NTM laminate, bottom part covered with anti-resilient laminate in gray colour, thickness 25 mm, 1 mm laser edge in the same colour as table top.

Available shape: rectangular in wide range of dimensions.
Cut outs for grommets, round and rectangular outlets as well as media ports in various types and configurations (available as an option.)

Melamine colour selection for wooden leg tables are only solid colours :
MB – MS – MK – CC – NM – BZ – NK – NR – NS – MP – BI

Standard height of all desks is 106cms (with approx 1 cm levelling adjustment)



Sizes of tables

Sizes of tables

Sizes available for tables (in cms)

  • 140 x 90
  • 140 x 100
  • 180 x 90
  • 200 x 100