Work as you play, play as you work.

Working is like playing a game. You cooperate and compete with others. You follow your passion, achieve successes, but sometimes also suffer a defeat. You are flexible in searching for alternative solutions to attain your goal. You try to find satisfaction and the sense of fulfilment, because only then you work ceases to be a duty and becomes a true pleasure.

Every day, in your work, you make different decisions. Each of them is like a move in a game bringing you closer to victory. The space around you is like a game board – the proper arrangement of its elements is the key to success. The process of designing workstations can be compared to predicting a few game moves ahead. Space arrangement simply cannot correspond only to current needs. The Play&Work system, thanks to the wide range of functional options, is a strategic choice that will help you win every single game.

The Play&Work system, designed by WertelOberfell studio, has all you need to create working conditions ensuring the most effective teamwork. The specially designed ladder-shaped metal panel, to which you can fix extra accessories and shelves, allows to communicate freely without separating your from the person sitting opposite. While, the possibility of choosing colours allows you to reflect your individual style in the organisation of your workstation.

Modern-coloured light desks with U-shaped metal legs are a design supporting creativity. Their integration with cabinets aids in keeping workstations in perfect order even during everyday creative work. High cabinets not only help to divide meeting zones, but most importantly, provide enough space for storing important marketing materials.

High cabinets fixed to Play&Work desks allow to isolate workstations from the hustle and bustle of everyday office work. Upholstered panels create an additional barrier that improves the acoustic comfort and helps to concentrate on particular tasks. Isolated workstations are an indispensable element of those departments where telephone conversations occupy most of the time, e.g. sales support departments.